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Li’l Abner Foundation

Li’l Abner Foundation is a not-for-profit 501C organization, that offers the Citizens of Sweetwater, & Miami-Dade county , Florida a FREE Tutoring, dance, Taekwondo & Archery programs for children from 1st through 12th grade.

We also support a scholarship program for Belen Jesuit Prep School and Florida International University.

Our Goal is  Improve the lives of all residents in our community.

We believe and support that education and sports are very important for the development of the children of our community,  because this is not the generation of the future but the generation of the present, that can change the future.

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Our Programs

If you want to know more about Li’l Abner Foundation classes and activities, we invite you to click on our programs to get more information.
Tutoring Class

Tutoring Program

The Li’l Abner Foundation’s  after school tutoring program is directed by a State of Florida Department of Education Certified teacher, assisted by volunteer students from the F.I.U. Honors College and Belen Jesuit Preparatory High School. Their primary function is to assist the underserved children from our community with their studies and homework assignments. Learn more about us at the Tutoring Section.

Taekwondo class


Our program is focused on teaching the benefits of Taekwondo, such as Martial Arts for Self Defense and Sport.

We provide a fun filled environment where children can learn the values of discipline, courtesy and respect while becoming strong, physically fit and self-confident.


Li’l Abner Foundation archery  is an official USA Archery JOAD  club,  serving Miami-Dade County community  since 2015.

We offer Junior Olympic (JOAD) Program to archers from 10 to 20 yrs old.

If you want to learn how to shoot a bow Join Us today.


We present our renewed Dance program, which will be open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. See more in our Dance section.

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